Can I really wash it in the machine, won't it run?

Yes!  You can really wash it in the machine!  Procion dyes are among the most colorfast of all the dye families and bond to the fabric rather than just being trapped in the fabric.  They are washed multiple times after dyeing to ensure that any unreacted dye will be rinsed away.  If you do wash by hand, you may see some color in the rinse water.  This is just the residual reacted dye coming out and will not affect the color of the garment.  We recommend washing very bright colors separately for at least the first few washes.  When there is a very saturated color along side a lighter color, make sure to take the items out of the washer as soon as the spin cycle is complete.  Although you may wash them by hand, it is not necessary to do so.

Will I get the exact one in the photo?

If the title has the size in it, most likely that is the only one and you will get the one pictured.  If there is no size in the title, that means all of the pieces in that batch are quite close to the one pictured.  If you have any questions, email me at abbie@cloudcandyclothing.com

How does the sizing work?

A medium corresponds to an 8/10.  However there are different fits ranging from form fitting to loose.  You may prefer different sizes in different fits depending on how you like to wear it.

If you have any questions or need specific measurements, email me at abbie@cloudcandyclothing.com

Can I put it in the dryer, will it shrink?

Although they are pre-shrunk, we don't recommend the dryer as it will shorten the life of the garment.  If they are kept out of the dryer, they will last for many years.  If you do put it in the dryer, just do it on low for a few minutes to get any wrinkles out and they hang dry.

Where can I see the line in person, do any boutiques carry it?

It is mainly an online shop, but there are multiple open studio times per year in Warren Rhode Island. I also show in various spots around the country.  You can book a shopping appointment or check the schedule here.

I have a boutique, can I place a wholesale order?  

While I do not dye to order, wholesale orders can be placed on available stock.  Just email me to discuss, abbie@cloudcandyclothing.com

What happened to Moon Tide Dyers?

Moon Tide was a collaboration between two artists.  After 18 years of working together, we each wanted to pursue our individual paths to see where they will naturally lead.  If you are a fan from the Moon Tide days, thank you!