About Cloud Candy Clothing

Cloud Candy offers handmade clothing inspired by a love of art, dance, and travel.

Artist/creator, Abbie Chambers takes inspiration from the colors, patterns and motions of the natural world.

crashing waves at south shore beach in little compton rhode island
Custom made sewing patterns by Abbie Chambers
She then creates custom patterns for her original designs.

White garments are sewn with cotton thread so that the dye patterns are seamless
Bamboo/cotton jersey wrap dress shown before dye is applied
Magenta to deep violet ombre dyed wrap dress
dress being hand dyed with Procion mx dyes
Dye is dissolved in solution and then applied to the garment by hand
powdered dyes can also be directly applied to the fabric

Hand dyed bamboo jersey wrap dress
procion mx dye powder applied directly to bamboo fabric
Artist Abbie Chambers wearing one of her hand made dresses in front of a colorful mural in Cocoa Village Florida

Each piece is handcrafted by Abbie Chambers, co-owner and designer for Moon Tide Dyers since 2005.

"My work explores the relationship between color, pattern and movement."

- Abbie Chambers